The Banana in My Lunchbox

By Jeremy Fleming

banana in my lunchbox    Have you ever thought much of the banana? I hadn’t either until
yesterday. For the past two days my lunch box had smelled of the banana I had
accidentally left in there over the weekend. Now it was Wednesday and even
though I had rinsed out the box, the sweetness of this tropical fruit could
be smelled at the very lift of the lid.

It may seem odd, but the experience of “lifting the lid” had altered
the routine of my nightly commute home. Amazingly the savor of this simple
fruit had given me great insight into the mighty and more-often-than-not
incomprehensible power of God. What I learned was that like the banana in my
lunch box, God’s power lies in its potency not it’s physical presence or in
my mindful knowledge of it.

I’ve been amazed lately at how I can feel the power of God in my life
lately. Maybe it is my renewed focus on prayer or the faith that I have had
to have during the last year of “dramatic” change in my life. Which ever it
is the outcome is the same; increasingly profound and joyful insights into
the power of God.

It was 6:30pm Wednesday when I reached into my lunch-box (which is
really a small cooler) for the remainder of the chips not devoured at lunch
that day.  A little snack on the way home would never hurt. Besides these
were Dorrito’s brand “Nacho Cheesier” chips- my second favorite next to
“Cooler Ranch.” As I ate the first couple of chips I noticed something a bit
different; they tasted like bananas. It was here that I made my observation
into the mighty power of God.

Like the banana, God doesn’t have to rely on a physical display or
presence to have an impact on our daily life. Nor does He have to rely on our
mindful knowledge of His efforts. But instead he relies on the potency of
His power through the Holy Spirit.  Even though we sometimes cannot see Gods
power or are not mindful of it, we can know it is there because of the
overwhelming effect it has on us. Is it any wonder that the apostle John
wrote in 1 John 3:24 that we would know Jesus lives in us by the Spirit he
gives us. Like the chips tasting like banana in my lunchbox, When God sends
his power upon us through the Holy Spirit and we have no option but to “taste
it.” We cannot avoid it. We can rationalize it or discredit it or even ignore
it, but those are our choices to which we are accountable.

Some may want to argue here that this was purely a sensual
experience; that I smelled the banana and therefore tasted it when I ate the
chips. I can tell you as one who has eaten in my vehicle for years now that
my food has never tasted of the: strawberry, pina colada, mountain fresh,
and other air-fresheners in my vehicles.

Just like the banana in my lunchbox, God doesn’t always have to be
on our mind or in our focus (not that he shouldn’t be) in order for Him to be
doing powerful things in our life. Three days later the banana didn’t have to
be in my cooler for me to taste it. In fact, in my experiences rarely am I
ever cognizant of God’s power until after is His purpose is demonstrated and
His mighty power is revealed. Then all I can do is reflect and enjoy the
sweetness of it all.

Hope this finds you all well,

For the sake of Jesus,

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