Political Mayhem & Fury

Rita Burton writes:

Immediately, I think of myself as an expressionist! I love the brushwork of de Kooning, one of the great abstract expressionists of the 50’s.
The beauty of light and color coming from Monet has greatly influenced me. I always considered him my first mentor in the art. The frenzied strokes of Vincent are sometimes present in my work. Many through the 20th century influenced my work through my study of art and practice.
Today, Wolf Kahn brings back to me the light and color of Monet. Joan Mitchell greatly influences my approach. She considered herself an “Abstract Impressionist” —painter of art.
I am a perpetual student. I am ever driven to bring beauty of color and thought to the viewer about the deeper things of life. I offer a door or a window into that which can be considered the “Other.”

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