Just a little lovin’….

By Kera Turner

Bill Arnold penned a song in which he was the recipient of ‘just a little lovin’ back in the late 1950’s, and I grew up listening to that song. Either in person, with him singing from the big stage, or on the turntable at home, or randomly some disc jockey would pull it off the shelf and play it for listeners out in radio land. Back then, I knew the words and sang along.

Love in the trenchesI hadn’t thought of that song for many years, until recently…

I met a man named Bill who warmed up to my version of homespun hospitality quite quickly when I became part of a new community, and he reminded me of the song. Not because of his ‘lovin’ skills, or any such romantic notions, but rather the laid-back, easy living methodology that is all about Bill. I’m reminded of his friendly face when I hear the song now, or when it plays in my mind. The concept of loving someone ‘just a little’ is quite foreign to me. I tend to love people with my whole heart, and nothing less.

So, there’s the rub…

I’ve fallen into that rhythm of loving again, giving more than I probably should, and wanting more than I’ll ever receive. And there’s the detail that haunts me day and night…

I want more in my life. I want more than ‘just a little lovin’ in my world. I want to be loved by someone more than anything else in their life, except God. I want to be someone’s true north. I want to be his girl, in every sense of the word. I want to belong – to someone – like I’ve never really belonged before, in my life.

So, there, I’ve said it…Technology and love

Straight from the heart, the words I’ve longed to say for a good while now, and haven’t, for fear that someone might take advantage of what feels like a very vulnerable state of mind.

I know what I’m looking for, and I’m pretty sure there’s someone out there looking for who I am. I’ll be here, when he arrives, waiting, because I’ll settle for nothing less than the absolute fulfillment of the dream. I’ve got a solid understanding of who this will be, I just wonder how we’ll find each other in this big overwhelming world.

If you’re that guy, looking for more than ‘just a little lovin’ and willing to settle for nothing less than the whole heart of a woman who will give more than she ever expects to get back… I’m not so very far away…

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