Mighty the Pen of the Word Warrior

I wrote this on a friends facebook wall in response to a suggestion to ‘shut up now and then’. I do shut up every now and then. Then I pick up my pen.

The word is mighty in the hand of a warrior.

What cause could you champion with the pen?

I think of many that I’ve followed, supported, and written during my writing career, and in each of them the power came when I published the content where people read and republish. A cause can be triumphed over, when many join the solution in an empowering way. What can be more empowering than writing a commentary that is shared by the masses and read around the world?

To champion a cause, you don’t need money for a campaign, or massive numbers of people to protest, you need a pen and a purpose. Writers the world over have empowered the people with solutions, words to share, words to write, words to speak into the crowds, and words that get repeated.

Write your thoughts, review it, share it, and encourage others to share those words too.

Take your point of view viral and see if you don’t change the world, make a difference, and ultimately triumph over the evil problem.

How do you get to the right audience?

If your thoughts go viral among your family and friends, do you not believe the right audience will have access to your words? Write it. Send it out to the universe and invite others to promote it too.


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